The Intentional Leadership Program:
A Group Coaching Program and Leadership Accelerator for Senior Leaders and Emerging Leaders

Become an influential, sought-after leader and create the results that matter most to you and your organization, all while developing a confident leadership style that is unapologetically you.

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July 16th and 17th
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  • Key Benefits:
  • Develop a clear strategic plan to become the type of leader you want to be while being recognized for your contributions along the way.
  • Define and develop your personal and professional leadership style to work toward a higher-level role, or more powerfully and intentionally manage your current executive position.
  • Learn critical strategies, leadership competencies, and practical tools you can apply in your life and career immediately.
  • Develop leadership confidence whether this is your first or next leadership role.
  • Build your own personal "board of advisors" made up of other accomplished professionals.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You feel uncertain or unprepared to lead your team or organization
  • You are aspiring to move up or move on but afraid you don't have the skills or that you'll need to compromise what's important to you
  • You find yourself seeking outside validation and constantly "collecting credentials" in order to feel legitimate and "ready", only to find you still don't feel ready
  • You are worried about what's missing among your leadership competencies but don't want to simply adopt or mimic another leader's style
  • You want to become an influential sought-after leader while being authentically, powerfully, and unapologetically you

This program is for you.

What does it mean to be an Intentional Leader?

Intentional Leaders are leaders whose decisions and actions are aligned with what they know to be their top priorities.

Intentional leaders are strategic because better decisions create better results.

As professionals, new information and constantly-changing circumstances can keep us off-balance and our default reactions only make matters worse.

The default reactive approach to leading ourselves and others can:

- cause us to lose sight of our priorities,

- encourage us to play small, and

- take us off the right path.

Being reactive vs strategic can cause us to make decisions that take us farther away from becoming the kind of leader we want to be and having the kind of results we want to have.

If you are not fulfilling your leadership potential or creating the career you know is possible, the Intentional Leadership Accelerator and Group Coaching Program will equip you to move quickly to the next level with your leadership skills and career.

Yes! I want to join!

Led by Asia Bribiesca-Hedin, MBA, MPA - CEO, Bridgewell LLC.

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How Will The Program Accelerate My Leadership Effectiveness?

The program kicks off with a Leadership Confidence Intensive Weekend to act as an awareness accelerator. Your growth continues over 12-weekly session where participants have you learned to:

  • Avoid insecure, ego-driven, reactive decision-making as you develop intentional, purpose-driven leadership competencies
  • Use emotional intelligence, reframing, and effective problem solving strategies to manage change, support priorities, and identify where to invest your professional effort
  • Develop a strategic plan for your career and build key competencies by developing a prioritized roadmap for your current or next role
  • Diffuse imposter syndrome and increase self-confidence even in new and unfamiliar situations so you're always equipped to show up and contribute at the highest level
  • Maintain the highest level of goal achievement and accountability as you meet weekly with your own personal board of advisors
  • Increase executive presence to create trust in your competencies and leadership.
  • Confidently articulate your leadership priorities, values, and expectations to staff, clients, and leadership teams
  • Interpret the behavior of your teams and colleagues to influence better decision making, encourage collaboration and to  network with ease
  • Create effective personal and professional boundaries that support and express your values and prioritize your effort
  • Escape "fear of failure" by adopting resilience-building and failure-planning skills
  • Strategize how to intentionally drive your career growth so that you are less dependent of a corporate career ladder and can create your own

Join us for 12 weeks of leadership growth.

Your 3-Month Program Kicks Off With


Kick-off your leadership transformation by learning to break free of self-doubt, second-guessing, and playing small.

The two-day LCI Weekend serves as the kick-off and awareness accelerator for your Intentional Leadership Program. Two days, four hours each day, is all it takes to go beyond looking & acting confident to developing REAL self-confidence from the inside out. No more "fake it 'til you make it". Get equipped to lead yourself and others in any situation.


Corporate Strategist

Empowerment Enthusiast

Executive Leadership Coach

A Word From Asia

Our Intentional Leadership program was created to accelerate your leadership growth, career development, confidence, and resilience in the company of other professional, collaborative, amazing women, and I hope you'll join us!

I coach clients to become influential, sought-after leaders based on the understanding that leadership doesn't come from a title or another's validation. Leadership comes from your ability to inspire the best from yourself and others towards a common goal. This means we all have the potential to be great leaders, we just need the tools and mindset.

Your ability to show up and lead authentically and in a way that's unapologetically you will not only enrich your career and life, but it creates a wave that quickly elevates how you lead yourself and your teams, and the impact you have on the lives of those around you!


Bottom line, I help accomplished professionals become influential, sought-after leaders without overworking, people-pleasing, or selling their souls!

What Do Asia's Clients Have To Say?

"It is not often that I encounter a workshop on leadership that I gain new insights that immediately shift my way of thinking and behavior. Asia is exceptional in her content and delivery...this is her true calling."

- D. CEO, CRM Strategy Firm

"She quickly unraveled the issues and rather than tell me the solution, she led me to it by asking the right questions. What I liked best about her approach was that it was quick, focused and effective."

- T., Lecturer, Fullbright Scholar, Author

" I enjoyed the content of the sessions, the expert coaching from Asia and the opportunity to share with other very diverse and equally inspiring participants."

- N., Senior Global Mobility Expert

Only $1500
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While you'll have plenty of opportunity to engage with other leaders in the program, you'll have your own cohort or mastermind group of 5 to 8 participants, to create a consistent support and accountability structure.

Small mastermind sub-groups give you time to go deeper into leadership topics and create meaningful connections with like-minded professionals.

What Are The Logistics?

Your experience begins with a weekend intensive which speeds up learning and serves as an awareness accelerator. This kick off not only allows you to begin to build community, but allows us to launch right in to more advanced topics and competencies during our 12 weeks together.

Following the Weekend Intensive, you will meet weekly with your coach facilitator and cohort of growth-minded professionals to build your leadership skills and your professional network as you develop strategic decision making skills and EQ, select your leading values, build your intentional leadership style, and create a strategic plan for your career.

Each 90-minute session will consist of:

  • A targeted leadership competency lesson to equip you to make better decisions for yourself and your organization in the midst of rapidly changing priorities. Discussion led by your coach facilitator - Asia Bribiesca-Hedin, MBA, MPA, professional leadership coach and CEO of Bridgewell LLC.
  • An application and integration opportunity with your "advisory board" / breakout group (5 to 8 participants) to help you identify immediate opportunities to integrate the new leadership competency at work and go deeper with your learning.
  • A targeted coaching segment where you can raise your hand to be in the "hot-seat" and get direct, timely feedback and coaching on what you're working on or accelerate your own development as you learn from the experience and coaching of other cohort members.

Join us for 12 weeks to:

  • Elevate your relationship with yourself and your role as a leader,
  • Model effective leadership in work and life, and
  • Develop skills you'll apply for years to come.

Who should join the Intentional Leadership Program?
Professionals with 10+ years of professional experience:

  • Senior Leaders
  • Project Team Leaders / Change Leaders
  • Mid-level Managers / Emerging Leaders
  • Community Leaders / Business Owners
  • Management Consultants
  • Career Changers / In Transition

Multiple program dates are available, but here's what you can expect:

  • The program begins with the Leadership Confidence Intensive Weekend taking place over 4 hours each day on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Beginning one or two weeks following your weekend intensive we meet weekly for 2 weeks. Most cohorts meet on a weekday evening at 4pm PT / 7pm ET or 6pm PT/ 9pm ET for 90 minutes.

Enroll For An Upcoming Session:

July 16th & 17th Kickoff Weekend
Weekly Cohort Meetings:

2 times to choose from!

4pm PT/ 7PM ET
6pm PT/9pm ET
(90 minutes)

July 25th to October 17th.

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August 20th & 21st Kickoff Weekend
Weekly Cohort Meetings:

2 times to choose from!

4pm PT/ 7PM ET
6pm PT/9pm ET
(90 minutes)

August 30rd to November 15th, 2022.

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